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For the correction of the sideward curvature of the spine in any portion (except the neck), generally called SCOLIOSIS.

The sideward curvature of the spine in any portion (except the neck) is called SCOLIOSIS. Some scoliotic conditions are due to genetic defects, faulty pre-natal development or paralytic diseases. In 80% of cases, scoliosis arises in infancy or childhood for no apparent cause. 90 to 95% of scoliosis sufferers are female. Severe cases of scoliosis in the chest portion of the spine can be fatal as it can interfere with the action of the breathing muscles and can result in heart failure. Susceptibility to pneumonia is also noted among thoracic scoliosis sufferers.

When the body reaches full maturity sometime between ages 16 to 18 years old, the curvature of the spine ceases. This reprieve is only until pregnancy, at which time scoliosis may resume due to the combination of loss of calcium for the mother, the natural tendency for the bones to soften in preparation for childbirth and the weight of the child in the womb.

At menopause, the decline continues, but at a much slower rate. So, scoliosis is best corrected as soon as it is detected. The rate of deterioration is unpredictable. Within six months a spinal curvature may deteriorate from 30 degrees to 60 degrees, or not at all.

Correction by bracing is an option if the curvature is below 50 degrees.

Above 50 degrees, surgery will be required. A metal rod is surgically inserted along the spine to prevent increasing curvature.

The Bracing Option

Before 1997, there was no bracing option for most doctors. This was because none of the earlier braces worked. Some braces did halt the deterioration, but these were in very rare cases.

Today, a system pioneered by a French doctor, Jacques Cheneau, is available in the Philippines. It is a ‘body jacket’ made of polypropylene that has produced consistent positive results in (1.) preventing further deterioration and (2.) correcting the scoliotic condition!

Since you have a definite interest in the Cheneau Brace, we would like to inform you about its use and care so that we can optimize its corrective effects. Remember that correction will not happen without the 100% cooperation of the scoliosis patient. We must also remember that correction occurs with growth. Therefore, theoretically, the taller a child grows the more correction we can achieve. Since we cannot predict when the child grows, the brace has to be worn 23 hours a day.

What To Bring For Consultation:

After making an appointment, please bring the doctor’s prescription and the latest x-ray of the patient, so that our Master P/O Technician can look at it and make the appropriate recommendations on the best possible solution for the patient.

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